Space Explorations

The dream to go to space has been an idea that many people before us had thought about. The Romans and the Greek’s wanted to go to space; they never achieved it in their role of power though. Russian’s where the first to make it in space with the Sputnik, Americans with the first man on the moon, Apollo 11. Many missions where made in attempts to win the race to space, but so many failed.  Apollo 1 wasn’t even a space shuttle, it was a flight simulator, it caught on fire, Apollo 13suffered an explosion in the oxygen tank in the Service Module due to an electrical fault. Although these missions failed, more missions into space where made. After missions to the moon were done, some failed some success, scientist started thinking bigger, like exploring the universe, or sending men to other planets, such as Mars, but more research was done, and they soon realized they didn’t have the time or money to send men to Mars, so they sent rovers, like the Spirit and Opportunity, which where sent into Mars in 2004. These Rovers gave scientist to stuffy Mars without going their, and became a new milestone in space technology. Getting the scientist more excited for future missions to space, and future technology.